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  About the handling of personal information

  Please read the following terms and conditions regarding the handling of personal information before sending your inquiry.

  * Personal information indicates customer-related information, such as the customer's name and e-mail address, etc.

  * The personal information received from our customers shall be properly and rigorously managed.

  * The collected information shall only be used for the provision of our company’s services. The information shall not be used for any other purpose.

  * We shall not provide nor disclose any personal information to any company or third party without obtaining prior consent from the individual.

  * We shall comply with applicable laws and standards concerning personal information, and review/improve our approach accordingly.

  * Security
      1. Use of SSL encryption
         We use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) cryptographic transmission protocol when sending or receiving personal information. SSL is the most common method for encrypting communications between two parties over the internet and is widely used by many websites. By automatically encrypting personal information entered by the User prior to sending or receiving, SSL prevents the theft or alteration of valuable information.

      * The nature of the internet means that SSL is not able to completely guarantee the security of transmitted information.

      2. Prevention of unauthorized access
        This system prevents unauthorized external access through the use of a firewall as well as IP filtering of some information. Internal access to personal information is also restricted and the utmost attention is paid to ensuring its safe administration.

  Users shall contact the following for complaints or inquiries related to the handling of personal information.
  [Inquiries on Personal Information]
      Advantage Risk Management Co., Ltd.
      Personnel in charge of Privacy Policy management
      Contact Form for Inquiries on Personal Information:
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